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NORMAN SYLVESTER BAND – The Cascade Blues Association ” Best R&B Band award 2015″.

After 30+ years of this band playing well over 4000 Gigs, the 2015 R&B Muddy award is a family affair.

For the last few years the band has included Norman “Boogie Cat” Sylvester and his Bass man from the beginning Rob Shoemaker, drummer Paul Shoemaker, keyboard player Jeff Otto and horn players Peter Moss & Renato Caranto. The Norman Sylvester Band often incorporates one or more female vocalists, notably the energetic & accomplished Lenanne Sylvester-Miller, Sarah Billings, a popular singer and radio personality who fronts her own band and when they can grab a date from one of Portland’s most popular vocalists around, the soulful LaRhonda Steele.

The Family Affair of this iconic band goes beyond this group of Musicians mentioned though. Their original keyboard player Janice Scroggins, drummer Nick Christmas, horn player Kenny Wild, harp player Carly T. and vocalist Rhonda Hill all are now sadly performing in what must be an amazing band in Heaven. They will always be a big part of the NSB legacy.

Other regular players that were most seen at Norman’s BIG 70th B-DAY BASH this year are; keyboard players; Frankie Redding & Dover Weinberg, Horn players; Patrick Lamb & Chris Hollywood, vocalists; Patricia Sylvester, Gretchen Mitchell, Carlie Smith, Ester Hill, Lena Braxton & Nico Wind, Drummers; Ray Nelson, Ashbolt Stewart, Jolie Clausen & Drawback Slim. Also the band’s list of talented guest players is impossible to name but all bring it to the stage to hold up their part of the show. This band calls each other family, their kids consider the band members their aunts, uncles & some even call Norman papa! Thank you to the Cascade Blues Association for honoring all of these musicians by awarding the Norman Sylvester Band the The Best R&B Band 2015 award because it’s most certainly a family affair!!!

Norman “The Boogie Cat” Sylvester is committed to serving the Community, mentorship and teaching children about the origin of American Blues and Gospel.
He’s also dedicated to helping promote Health care for all in our State.

Join the Healthcare mission at: www.HCAO.org

 Muddy Award                Muddy Award

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Special Thanks! To all our family,friends,fans and DJ’s for their continued love and support in 2012. Our new CD “Blues Stains on my Hands” is getting  airplay around the country and overseas.

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The Norman Sylvester Band has shared the stage with BB King, James Cotton, Tower of Power, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Otis Clay, Peter Frampton, Mavis Staple, Lil Ed and the Imperials, Junior Wells, Isaac Scott  Five Blind Boys of Alabama and WAR.

Living Blues Magazine October 2012 Issue #221 vol. 43 #5 page 50

NORMAN SYLVESTER Blues Stains on My Hands Boogie Cat Productions – (No#) Louisiana-born guitarist/vocalist Norman Sylvester has been gigging around Portland, Oregon, since the mid-’80s, and he was recently inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame. His style, though, carries strong echoes of his Gulf Coast roots. The title tune is a swampy 6/8 ballad; elsewhere he alternately showcases a sophisticated jump-and-jive elan (the topical Outsource At the Top) and a funk-flavored strut (Senior Moments, Fine as Frog Hair); his guitar work invokes T-Bone, toughened by an Albert-Collins-by-way-of-Gatemouth aggressiveness. Sylvester’s ballad work is equally convincing. On Bad Weather, he summons a deep, clear-toned baritone croon to sing about the disaster wreaked on New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina If You Didn’t Want Me to Have the Blues features an extended guitar solo that highlights Sylvester’s finely honed melodic sensibility and tonal suppleness. In Please Lie to Me, he lays his Charles Brown–like ruminations over Bill Rhoades’ atavistic harp squalls as Frank “Funk Master” Redding contributes some moody after-hours organ work. Sylvester can also call forth images of Mississippi. S-E-N-D, a cyber-age updating of folksy aphorisms (“don’t e-mail what you heard, only what you know”) is couched in a Delta-fried boogie. Blues Is in Control echoes a stripped-down Smokestack Lightning; Sylvester’s lyrics are rife with images of erotic betrayal, guns-and-whiskey mayhem, and “a new big-leg woman” who sounds as if she’ll either help Sylvester’s protagonist get over his earlier travails or create new ones of her own. If Sylvester’s storylines occasionally get a little arch (he invokes “the blues” pretty often, and some of his high-tech references sound like self-conscious attempts to be contemporary), he remains a first-rate storyteller with vocal and instrumental chops that do justice to his unique lyric vision. Judging from what’s here, it seems likely that one of the Northwest’s better-kept blues secrets won’t be a secret for much longer. —David Whiteis Our New CD product “Blues Stains on my Hands” can be purchased at:

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  • Norman Sylvester inducted to Oregon Music Hall of Fame - When he was a kid, Norman Sylvester would get up on Sunday mornings before church and listen to his father’s gospel quartet sing on a radio station broadcasting out of Monroe, La. “One of the most beautiful sounds you’d ever want to hear,” he says. Sylvester was born in Bonita, La., in 1945 on his grandmother’s […]
  • Oregon Music News Video - Norman Sylvester on the meaning of “Fine as Frog Hair” among other things. Interview for Oregon Music News. www.oregonmusicnews.com on May 26, 2011 in Portland Oregon.

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