Norman Sylvester is an artist and stylist

“There are those who play music and then there are artist, the embodiment of all elements. Norman Sylvester is an artist and stylist who is a rooted singer/songwriter. The man hands down is an entertainer. Not only is he the quintessence of soul music with the funk, but also a gentlemen, which is hard to … Read more

I love to see people having a good time!

By The T The Boogie Cat,- Norman Sylvester, says “Meow, Meow” to all you cats and kittens out there. WhenThe Boogie Cat says “Meow”, you can believe it! The anxious rumors creeping around town about him having a heart attack, while untrue, are testimonies to the man’s popularity as a performing artist, and as a person. The true … Read more

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